Any Industry, Any Employee

Xactly empowers you to unleash the motivational power of incentive compensation. We do this across industries, addressing a wide range of vertical markets and employee types. While other vendors seek to enable the traditional sales cycle, or create a suite that lightly addresses a range of needs, we provide a cloud-based solution that fully addresses the end-to-end challenges of designing, managing, and maximizing the value of incentives across every employee in your enterprise.

Cloud, SaaS, Software

SaaS software and legacy software sales require vastly different approaches. SaaS providers care about their customers because they provide them a service, acquisition costs are critical, and customer retention is imperative. Xactly is the incentive compensation leader in this space.

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Financial Services

Increased competition, a tighter regulatory landscape, and the need to increase the value of customer relationships are among the issues facing the financial services and insurance industries. With Xactly, companies can avoid costly restatements and ensure that their compensation plans are in line with business objectives.

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Travel / Hospitality

The hospitality industry has unique and complex incentive compensation plans based on percentages of room revenue, food and beverage costs, corporate programs, conferences, and more. Xactly gives hospitality enterprises the flexibility to adjust incentive plans easily to respond to shifts in the marketplace.

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Life Science

The life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries are capital-intensive, risky, and competitive, with long time horizons for payback. Incentive compensation plans for people in these industries are unique, and require a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

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Media & Internet

Few industries have undergone as much change in recent years as Internet and media. The financial pressures facing these companies are extreme as more people get their news for free on the Internet, and advertisers have moved more of their spending to less-expensive online outlets. Xactly helps media companies design compensation plans that inspire employees and maximize business results.

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Incentive compensation in the communications industry is often complex, with deals resulting in payments to multiple people over varying timeframes. Xactly manages even the most complicated pay structures with ease, and empowers companies to motivate employees in this ever-more-competitive market.

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Business Services

Incentive compensation for business service providers is unlike that of most other industries because the products are intangible and it can be difficult to design motivating incentive plans. Xactly helps companies in the business services industry by providing incentives that tap into motivational power and inspire performance.

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High-Tech Manufacturing

An ever-evolving customer base and reduced time-to-market process has resulted in a fiercely competitive, modern sales force for high-tech manufacturers. Xactly helps you implement complex incentive management processes for both sales and non-sales employees.

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