The convergence of communications networks, devices, and content is a given, and customers expect communications companies to meet their demand across multiple domains: telecommunications, multi-platform content delivery, and networking.

So, you need to engage your customers efficiently and knowledgeably across all three areas. Focused growth combined with effective domain expertise can be a complex promise for your organization to deliver. Your success will depend on how effectively your company mobilizes specific expertise, at the right time, across the demand-generation lifecycle. These dynamics require you to create and implement strategies that keep your teams clearly focused on your goals and continually drive the right behavior.

Xactly approaches incentive compensation as a means to drive overall organizational effectiveness by using an industry aligned approach, proven implementation methods and measurements. We create efficiency within organizations in three critical areas of incentive compensation: effective plan design, best in class incentive compensation administration and use of Big Data for optimization.

Specific to Communications we are able to do this with:

  • Advanced analytics and incentive estimators to provide field-level visibility and direct alignment of incentives and behavior.
  • Plan modeling for quick and effective testing of new compensation strategies to allow for rapid deployment in line with market demands.
  • Robust data for insights into what best-in-class communications compensation looks like.

Other Communication Industry Customers

Palo Alto Networks
ON24, Inc.
Cox Communications
Broadsoft, Inc.

“We’ve decreased disputes to less than 0.5%, and all the accruals are done on time, at the same time, every month.”

– David James, Sr. Director, Sales Ops & incentives, Cbeyond