Media and Internet companies are under constant competitive pressure, which requires exceptional degrees of flexibility and innovation. Privacy and intellectual property rights, new channels for distribution, and the market’s desire for free content are among the many issues your industry faces. So you constantly need to build new content and adapt to ever-changing technology platforms in order to grow your audience.

In this highly competitive environment, your success will depend, in part, on your ability to effectively drive sales rep performance regardless of how your “product” is being bundled and sold. Reps need up-to-the minute visibility into their incentive plans, and they need to track on those same new technology platforms that are driving innovation in their industry. Xactly approaches incentive compensation as a means to drive overall organizational effectiveness by using an industry aligned approach, proven implementation methods and measurements. We create efficiency within organizations in three critical areas of incentive compensation: effective plan design, best in class incentive compensation administration and use of Big Data for optimization.

Specific to Media and Internet we are able to do this with:

  • Robust Insights™ data set to understand what best in class Media and Internet compensation looks like.
  • Plan modeling to provide field level visibility and direct alignment of incentives to behavior.
  • Advanced analytics to be able to ensure alignment of Life Time Value of a deal, deal term, quota time period and compensation strategies.

Other Successful Media and Internet Industry Customers

Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
Angie’s List

“It’s critical for me to understand the risk that potential changes could create, but equally as important, the motivation they could inspire among our high performing team.”

– Mike Dinsdale, CFO, DocuSign