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The travel and hospitality industry is going through an exceptional period of transformation as a result of demand for operational efficiency, emerging technologies, complexity related to asset classification, and overall perceptions in the marketplace.

Your company is continuously challenged by new competition as a result of innovation and the need to meet the growth demands of emerging markets. So you are constantly creating new product “bundles,” effectively positioning these products in your markets and then develop great selling models for your sales force. This last element is a classic incentive compensation challenge, which demands that you attack these new markets efficiently and cost-effectively.

Xactly approaches incentive compensation as a means to drive overall organizational effectiveness by using an industry aligned approach, proven implementation methods and measurements. We create efficiency within organizations in three critical areas of incentive compensation: effective plan design, best in class incentive compensation administration, and use of Big Data for optimization.

Our Travel & Hospitality model provides:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure to handle any size business and infinitely scale to meet the demands of growth.
  • Plan modeling and advanced analytics to provide field-level visibility and direct alignment of incentives and behavior.
  • Robust data for insights into what best-in-class Travel & Hospitality compensation looks like.

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“We have Xactly Premium Support; the individuals we have supporting us are highly engaged and respond immediately. We feel like Premium Support is the smartest thing we have ever done.”

– Rodahl Leong-Lyons, Vice President, Sales – The Americas, Hyatt