Your Control on Compensation

Our customers, including leading FORTUNE 500 enterprises, count on us to enable accurate, rapid, and impactful compensation on the industry’s only secure, completely cloud-delivered platform. By streamlining and automating the way you pay, you cut costs, save time, and eliminate risk.

By designing more effective compensation plans, you inspire new levels of achievement and drive satisfaction among employees, partners, and agents. Xactly helps customers take control of their incentive processes and inspire performance.


As a finance executive, you are responsible for orchestrating and evaluating your company’s financial performance. You understand the challenges of keeping compliant with GAAP while maintaining accurate, timely results. Xactly solutions help you align financial resources with corporate strategy by accurately forecasting, analyzing, and reporting your incentive compensation. This enables your company to deliver on company metrics such as revenue growth and margin improvement.

Human Resources

As an HR Professional, your responsibilities include setting compensation and bonus policies for your company. You help your organization perform better and increase employee engagement by running impactful incentive programs. Xactly helps you align corporate goals to your incentives by providing visibility and collaboration between managers and their teams.

Sales Ops

As a sales compensation expert, you waste significant amounts of time managing your incentive compensation processes. Manual and in-house systems make it difficult to collect and validate data, calculate commissions accurately, and quickly respond to any incentive compensation related inquiries. Xactly Incent Enterprise™ simplifies this painful process by providing a robust calculation engine, on-demand reporting, and dispute management tools. You can now focus your time on analyzing the performance of your incentive program.


As a Sales executive, you want to focus your time on motivating your sales team, achieving your sales goals, and retaining your top reps. It’s frustrating when your incentive compensation payments are inaccurate and late, with no visibility to you or your reps. Xactly Incent delivers on-demand visibility to your sales team, providing focus and engagement. This drives the right behavior and helps your company achieve its corporate objectives.

Department Managers

As the leader of a department, you want to keep your employees consistently engaged, motivated, and focused on their goals. Manual processes and poor technology make it difficult to collaborate with your team and provide visibility into their goals. This results in meaningless, one-time annual evaluations. Xactly Objectives allows you to easily communicate with your team and share results about their goals throughout the year, which encourages consistent engagement and motivation.


As a technology leader in your company, you are aware of the major shifts taking place in your world: Rapidly changing technology, security risks from accessing data on multiple platforms, outsourcing, and integrated applications working across your company. Xactly’s platform is secure and scalable to handle and protect the growing data accumulated by our customers today.