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Trends in Incentive Compensation Manufacturing

The search for the latest and greatest product is intensifying as rapidly as ever. Product lifecycles shortening substantially and even the most basic products are becoming more sophisticated and complex. The manufacturing industry has traditionally focused on selling products, but in today’s market, companies must concern themselves with moving their sales organizations toward selling solutions and selling value to achieve success.

In this infographic, Xactly Insights™ reveals incentive compensation patterns seen in traditional manufacturing companies….

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CompCloud‘14: One Week Away

Your CompCloud‘14 is only one week away, and the energy around the event is palpable. We are really looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco. Our teams are working together to bring you the most thought provoking and inspirational employee and sales performance management conference of the year – everyone is excited to hear and learn about how using the right incentives can truly inspire performance.

This year we have lined-up for you an incredible…

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The 3 Legs of Sales Success

Success in sales, as with many endeavors, comes from one’s ability to balance and blend core fundamentals with evolving methodologies and tools available for better execution.  As we are a profession enamored by all things new, after all “maybe that new tool or app will help me do something I am not doing well”, it important to focus on maintaining that balance.  While not wanting to discourage anyone from stretching and trying new things,…

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