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Solidifying the Science of Sales Operations


Sales Ops

Sales have often been considered something of a dark art, with the exact causes of success and failure being as mystifying as alchemy or divinations. In this medieval mindset, great sales achievements were fortunate breaks, and poor sales performance was chocked up to bum raps and better luck next times.

But as business evolved, it had to leave behind the guesswork, and become a true science. Sales Ops was and is critical…

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Making the Grade with Appraisals


If businesses had mothers, they would certainly be ashamed to receive this report card: in a new BLR Performance Management survey, 72% of the surveys 1,358 participants gave their employer’s performance appraisals a grade of “C” or better. There were more B’s than D’s, and more F’s than A’s.

This is, without a doubt, a worrying statistic, and it really warrants an investigation into how companies across the board could score so…

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Assessing Appraisals


Annual Appraisals are like old outfits – we keep them around because of nostalgia, but they just don’t fit anymore, and honestly we should just scrap them for a more flattering setup. Well 2014 is here, and with spring-cleaning just around the corner, it’s time to be rid of the clutter of annual performance appraisals, and treat ourselves to something modern and effective. I mean, really, we deserve something nice.

In all seriousness, annual performance…

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