How to Lead an Awesome Work Meeting

If you’re anything like me your work calendar is listed right after coffee as your favorite productivity tool. Your calendar lets you know where you need to be and at what times so that you won’t miss any important calls or meetings. Since meetings are inevitable in an office it’s critical you make these times as productive and collaborative as possible so that you can reach your desired result. But what makes a meeting…

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20 Things You Can Accomplish Right Now for a Productive Day

So we’ve made it to the midway point in the week! Depending on how busy you’ve been it might feel like this week is dragging on or if you’re lucky, you’re not sure where time has gone. Since Wednesdays aren’t necessarily known for anything too exciting, we thought we would share some tips to stay motivated and productive and get you moving on to your Friday.

Here’s a list of 20 things you can accomplish…

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9 Favorite Apps to Enhance Your Workday

It’s no secret that things in Silicon Valley move at a fast pace. New, innovative start-ups are constantly cropping up, making the landscape even more competitive than the day before. As a Silicon Valley company we recognize this, and feel fortunate to be in an area so focused on technology and advancement. Like many game changing technologies that start off innocuous but end up reshaping lives in the future, cell phones have become more…

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