What We Can Learn from NCAA March Madness

March Madness is alive and well in the Xactly offices. For fun, all those who are interested fill out a bracket and participate in an online group during the tournament. As a company we’re never shy about a little friendly competition, especially when sports are involved, so this activity is not surprising. But what is interesting is how many business lessons can be learned from the NCAA March Madness tournament and all the excitement…

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Hunting the Hunters: Compensation for the Pack

Hunters have more impact on the ultimate outcome of a deal than almost any other member of the sales team. The success of the deal hangs on the closer’s abilities, which means they need to be rewarded for success and held accountable for missteps.

Here are some things to consider when constructing a compensation plan for your Hunters.

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How to Spring Break Without the Break

It’s that time of year- the world is starting to de-thaw, flowers are blooming, and you start craving smoothies. The other thing you might start to crave is the days of yore when you got a Spring Break. Until you graduated college, you looked forward to that carefree week in March or April. You took off to anywhere with sun and sand with friends, or perhaps you just luxuriated in your ability to sleep…

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