How an MBO Program Helped me Get my Dream Car

Do you remember your first car? Most people do – likely because it’s connected to fond memories of that initial taste of freedom. My first car was a 1993 Honda Civic with 260,000 miles on it. Though the car was nearly as old as me, it ran like a champ, and its speed and color quickly garnered it the nickname “White Lightening” among my friends. I loved White Lightening, and though it saw its final days…

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Zappos: How do you Incent Without a Corporate Hierarchy?

Imagine a work environment with no boss, no one telling you what you need to do, what schedule to keep, or what goals to set. Everything is on you. To some it might sound liberating, but for many of us it might sound scary.  Zappos, one of the largest online shoe retailers, is implementing a management style called Holacracy. This is defined as individual autonomy and self-governance. Zappos has thus far created a successful…

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Performance Management Solution: The Key to Management

There are two things that can really strain the relationship between a manager and an employee; firstly the fear most employees face that they may not be receiving feedback critical to their day to day operations, and secondly, the fear that they do not know how to solicit this feedback in a safe and routine cadence. So, how can a company bridge this feedback divide between its managers and its employees?

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