Silver Screen Sound-Off: Addressing Gender Pay Inequality

We’re no strangers to the gender pay inequality argument – last month, Xactly Founder, President, & CEO Christopher W. Cabrera was in the Wall Street Journal after our big data-mining inquiry led to some surprising findings about the gender pay gap in sales. The issue of wage inequity means a lot to us, which is why when Patricia Arquette focused her Oscar acceptance speech on the issue, we felt compelled to comment.


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Scene Change: Lessons From the Stadium Series

All you need to shake things up is a change of scenery. As part of your new revitalization plan, it is important to take stock of what works and continue to perfect your strategies and systems, but you also want to avoid stagnancy. Sharks never stop swimming, so why should you? There’s no better way to keep innovating and improving on top of the goodness you are already bringing to the table than a change of scenery.

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3 Steps to Improve Compensation Plan Communication

You’ve designed the best compensation plans. You’ve transformed unruly plan elements into elements that will succeed time and time again. You have engaged with data-driven modeling to analyze potential payouts, and senior leadership has approved your plans. Now it’s time for your last step: Ensuring communication of the plans to sales team members, allowing you to execute your strategy to perfection.

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