Incentive Insights from “Orange is the New Black”

As everyone with an Internet connection knows, Season 3 of Orange is the New Black was released last Thursday, two days earlier than its set release date. And, as with most Netflix shows, many people went into hibernation mode and binged watched the entire season all weekend. In the wake of a year-long absence, expectations ran high—and the series did not disappoint, with new characters introduced, past characters gaining new background stories, and a…

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Live From CompCloud: Christopher W. Cabrera and Peter Diamandis Talk Incentives

The second day of CompCloud, Xactly’s annual user event, is in full swing this morning after an inspiring keynote session with Xactly’s Founder and CEO Christopher W. Cabrera, and the Chairman and CEO of the XPrize Foundation Peter Diamandis. It was standing room only as the two industry leaders discussed both the incredible future of incentives, and the potential of mankind as a whole when the right motivators are in place. If you weren’t…

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All Hands on Deck: 5 Reasons to get your Whole Company in one Room

Many companies start doing All Hands Meetings when they can count the number of employees at the company on one hand. However, as your start-up evolves it’s important to continue to get everyone at your organization in the same room, at least once a quarter. Not only does it help to keep the core values of your company strong, but it helps people feel more connected to the company as a whole. Read on…

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