All Hands on Deck: 5 Reasons to get your Whole Company in one Room

Many companies start doing All Hands Meetings when they can count the number of employees at the company on one hand. However, as your start-up evolves it’s important to continue to get everyone at your organization in the same room, at least once a quarter. Not only does it help to keep the core values of your company strong, but it helps people feel more connected to the company as a whole. Read on…

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How is Data Reshaping the way we Compensate and Motivate Sales Reps?

Doug J. Chung’s recent article in the Harvard Business Review, “How to Really Motivate Salespeople,” examines and explains multiple significant compensation studies of the last two decades, and how those theories can be implemented in any sales organization. Chung also describes his own experiences in the field, and details his confidence in the move towards using data as a blueprint for designing and implementing optimum sales plans.

 Let Data be Your Guide

At Xactly,…

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How to Spring Break Without the Break

It’s that time of year- the world is starting to de-thaw, flowers are blooming, and you start craving smoothies. The other thing you might start to crave is the days of yore when you got a Spring Break. Until you graduated college, you looked forward to that carefree week in March or April. You took off to anywhere with sun and sand with friends, or perhaps you just luxuriated in your ability to sleep…

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