How to Spot a Disengaged Employee

As a manager you are probably well aware of the negative effects disengagement can have on your team’s productivity and morale. Even just one naysayer can create an environment more concerned with what’s going wrong than working towards company goals and the team’s greater well being. But since you carry that manager title it’s likely you are somewhat removed from the rumblings that may be going on beneath you. So how can you spot…

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Successful Teams Talk the Same Talk

In the latest UK #XSPL blog, we move from “The Beautiful Game” to rugby – the game for Gentlemen. For the next two months, some European countries are under the influence of the Six Nations rugby competition. This blog looks at a core skill found within successful teams – communication.

The French language has a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ at this time of year. However, while the rugby tournament is underway there will be…

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#TransformationTuesday: Automation Style

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, you’re likely familiar with the hashtag #TransformationTuesday. People use the tag to highlight a change for the better, usually one having resulted from a new workout plan, hairstyle, or any other kind of noticeable physical transformation. These side-by-side before-and-afters are a great way for people to show their followers a positive change they’ve made in their life.

While it’s great to show physical accomplishments or improvements, I think the…

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