Xactly, CEB, and Domo Discuss the Future of Incentives at CompCloud

Xactly just celebrated our ten year anniversary, and over those years we’ve gained quite a few insights about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to incentives. When Vice President of General Business at Xactly, Sean D. Murray  took the stage he shared a story about a sales manager he knew who worked at a well-known prestigious company. Let’s call him Tim; Tim tried to quit his job, and his boss was so…

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Live From CompCloud: Christopher W. Cabrera and Peter Diamandis Talk Incentives

The second day of CompCloud, Xactly’s annual user event, is in full swing this morning after an inspiring keynote session with Xactly’s Founder and CEO Christopher W. Cabrera, and the Chairman and CEO of the XPrize Foundation Peter Diamandis. It was standing room only as the two industry leaders discussed both the incredible future of incentives, and the potential of mankind as a whole when the right motivators are in place. If you weren’t…

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Live from CompCloud: The DNA of the World’s Best Compensation Organizations

CompCloud is off to a fantastic start, and I know I speak for everyone at Xactly when I extend a sincere thank you to all of our sponsors, customers, attendees, and employees– the event wouldn’t exist without each and every one of you! Over Xactly’s 10 year journey we have worked with 1,000s of executives, more than 700 customers, and have processed more than fifteen billion dollars in payments. Through this experience we have identified the DNA of a world-class incentive compensation process. Today at CompCloud, Garry Cottrell shared distinct best practices we have learned from our experience. Even if you weren’t able to make it to the event this year, you can still find out some of the unique ways in which leading edge companies are managing incentive compensation.

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