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The 411 on Motivating Millennials


At a time when organizations need to refocus on how they motivate and pay employees, they have the additional task of creating incentive plans that speak to the needs of more than one group— four groups, to be exact. For the first time in history, four generations are working together in most workplaces: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y.

The newest generation entering the workforce is Generation Y, those born between 1981 to…

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Not Your Average Non-Cash Reward


Incentive compensation programs are an integral part of many companies’ culture and commission structure. In a recent study by WorldatWork, it was determined that 88% of organizations have a rewards and/or recognition program in place and they are named as a key factor in the recruitment of top talent and employee retention. Considering their popularity, staying current and creating clever rewards can be a struggle. With our finger on the pulse of the…

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Xactly Wins Ventana Innovation Award

Ventana awards logo

We’re happy to report that our newest product, Xactly Objectives, has won its first honor: Ventana Research’s Sales Technology Innovation award  for 2013. Thanks, Ventana!

Objectives takes incentive compensation beyond the sales department – companies can offer it to any employee, in any department. That could spur some motivation, right?

The Technology Innovation award is our third honor from Ventana. Last year and the year before, they chose us as a…

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