How to Spring Break Without the Break

It’s that time of year- the world is starting to de-thaw, flowers are blooming, and you start craving smoothies. The other thing you might start to crave is the days of yore when you got a Spring Break. Until you graduated college, you looked forward to that carefree week in March or April. You took off to anywhere with sun and sand with friends, or perhaps you just luxuriated in your ability to sleep…

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Your MBO Program as a Cheeseburger

With Objectives, Xactly’s automated performance management  solution, teams will discover a new found alignment that seamlessly maps with corporate goals. Managers can  see how teams are performing so that they can coach employees who need improvement, and reward those who are excelling. With this kind of visibility managers can easily adjust MBOs to quickly meet changes in need and focus. Giving employees a simple way to see how their objectives are tied to their…

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What Can the Oscars Teach you About Motivating Your Employees?

According to Dale Carnegie’s white paper “Building a Culture of Engagement: The Importance of Senior leadership,” 90 percent of leaders think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success, but barely 25 percent of them have a strategy. These numbers are jarring in their contradiction to one another.

Studies show companies that are doing employee engagement right enjoy employees that are 87 percent less likely to leave their company compared to disengaged…

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