6 Ways to Improve Company Wellness

Today’s organizations know that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and a happier workforce is likely more engaged and motivated to come to work with a good attitude. According to a recent IHC article, “companies that implemented an effective wellness program realized significant cost reductions and financial gains, including an average of 28 percent reduction in sick days and an average of 26 percent reduction in health costs.” Below are six ways you can improve wellness at your company.

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Employees Losing Productivity? Throw Some Chocolate at the Problem

A recent Quartz article “Happy people are more productive—especially if you give them chocolate” talks about a study done by Economists at the University of Warwick who found that happiness increases productivity by around 12%. The researchers found that employees who are happy are more productive than their less content and happy counterparts. The study used both chocolate and comedy to analyze the affect of happiness on productivity.

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How to Spring Break Without the Break

It’s that time of year- the world is starting to de-thaw, flowers are blooming, and you start craving smoothies. The other thing you might start to crave is the days of yore when you got a Spring Break. Until you graduated college, you looked forward to that carefree week in March or April. You took off to anywhere with sun and sand with friends, or perhaps you just luxuriated in your ability to sleep…

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