Democracy Now: Employee Voices in Incentive Culture

Democracy. It’s not a term typically associated with a business, which, depending on your company, is an autocracy (rule by one) or oligarchy (rule by a few). But as today’s workplace becomes more fluid with mobile workforces becoming more common, and the need to retain workers increases, democracy is increasing its profile in the workplace.

This brings me to the topic of letting your employees have a greater voice in how the business works, specifically…

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Empirical Data and Strategic Services: Your Roadmap to Success

Last time you went backpacking or camping, you were likely prepared – you brought a tent, a camping stove, bug spray, and other wilderness necessities. You had the basics and then some covered for a successful trip to the woods. However, think about how much better that trip would be if you had a roadmap to a private river spot, or directions to a few secret trails that only locals of the area knew…

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How an MBO Program Helped me Get my Dream Car

Do you remember your first car? Most people do – likely because it’s connected to fond memories of that initial taste of freedom. My first car was a 1993 Honda Civic with 260,000 miles on it. Though the car was nearly as old as me, it ran like a champ, and its speed and color quickly garnered it the nickname “White Lightening” among my friends. I loved White Lightening, and though it saw its final days…

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