Companies Increase Variable Pay Spending to Stay Competitive

There was once a time when bonuses and variable pay were only perks of being a sales person. Today, that simply is no longer the case. Various job roles and industries are now using incentive compensation to drive the behavior they want from their employees. Bank tellers, merchandisers, and wedding planners (to name a few) are some of the unexpected positions that are being compensated using Xactly’s solutions. The shift to paying bonuses to…

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Incentive Insights from “Orange is the New Black”

As everyone with an Internet connection knows, Season 3 of Orange is the New Black was released last Thursday, two days earlier than its set release date. And, as with most Netflix shows, many people went into hibernation mode and binged watched the entire season all weekend. In the wake of a year-long absence, expectations ran high—and the series did not disappoint, with new characters introduced, past characters gaining new background stories, and a…

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Bonuses Bring Teachers to Schools in Need

A recent Las Vegas Review Journal article detailed the ongoing problem that Nevada has had with teacher shortages. Schools in the Clark County School District have been challenged with attracting enough qualified applicants and standing out among the other schools in the area that are also hiring rapidly.

That’s where Senate Bill 511 comes in. According to the article the bill will “allocate $10 million to give 2,000 new teachers a bonus of $5,000 over…

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