4 Days Out – What to Expect at CompCloud 15!

In just a few short days, CompCloud 15 will be off to a roaring start in San Francisco. Whether you’re a long time attendee back for more, or a newbie to the event experiencing your first CompCloud, we thought we’d share some of the fun things planned at this year’s event, and get you up to speed on what you can expect before you arrive at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco.

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The Fog Bank: A CompCloud-ers Guide to San Francisco

CompCloud 15 is just a few short days away-if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the countdown timer-and we’re counting the minutes until we get to hear Peter Diamandis, Chris Harrington, and our very own Founder & CEO Christopher W. Cabrera speak about inspiration, motivation, and what that really means for both our personal and professional lives. And because you’re coming to the city, you get to explore SF!

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Managers: Age of Sales Performance Management

So, the Avengers is a movie that just came out. More specifically, Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Avengers 2, or “We have a Hulk” again – whatever you want to call it, the band is back together, and it’s time to buckle up for another adventure. That being said, this adventure will be spoiler-free – I’m not trying to end up on the Captain America naughty list, so this post is only going to focus on the dynamic of the team, and the lessons we can learn from their rising to the occasion -we may just learn how leveraging sales performance management can help us defeat Ultron (though probably not, he’s like, a super strong James Spader robot or whatever).

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