5 Ways to Improve your Mondays

The dislike of Mondays is extremely pervasive- between Garfield’s famous distaste for the day, Office Space’s ‘case of the Mondays jokes’, and enough anti-Monday memes to fill your Twitter feed for days, I have to question if we’re setting ourselves up to hate Mondays? Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy where we expect the day to bum us out and so it does? Sure, Monday signifies the end of your carefree weekend, and…

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Want a Nap Pod? Us too.

Now that I have your attention with the promise of a nap pod, a pricey contraption used to give weary engineers at Google a much-needed late-afternoon siesta, we can talk about what the nap pod represents. The nap pod embodies an attempt to create the perfect culture.

While Google has spared no expense to retain their top employees- from free haircuts and dry-cleaning, to five paid months of maternity leave; the reality is not every…

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Would you Rather Wrangle Cats or Manage Humans?

For any of you that have watched I, Robot one too many times and now fear a super computer sending her robot army to destroy humanity, Denis Pombriant’s latest blog post “Setting Goals and Rewards” may put your fears to rest.

Pombriant dispels ideas of an overly technologized dystopia, and highlights how technology and quick acceleration of business systems will, in fact, continue to improve the ways in which we manage our businesses and…

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