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5 Critical Ways to Tap into Your Team’s Psychology & Inspire Performance


Motivators are like fingerprints – everybody has a different set. This can be a daunting realization for most managers, that everyone want’s something unique to them, and trying to take this into account while crafting a compensation strategy is downright dizzying. But because motivation is a science, we can get closer than ever to pinpointing the motivational desires of each employee. Why is this? Because while no two people have the same set of…

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Assessing Appraisals


Annual Appraisals are like old outfits – we keep them around because of nostalgia, but they just don’t fit anymore, and honestly we should just scrap them for a more flattering setup. Well 2014 is here, and with spring-cleaning just around the corner, it’s time to be rid of the clutter of annual performance appraisals, and treat ourselves to something modern and effective. I mean, really, we deserve something nice.

In all seriousness, annual performance…

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Are you ready for the Year of the Employee?


When I talk to people outside of my generation (I’m a millennial) about the now common topics of company culture and employee engagement, they are thrilled for me that this kind of thinking is now on most savvy company’s radar. This was not the case a mere fifteen years ago; if you mentioned these terms you might get a blank stare, but thanks to the many innovative companies that realized promoting a meaningful, collaborative,…

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