Organization management

Take the Bonus and Run

We’ve all seen examples of unintended consequences, when situations run off the rails despite everyone’s good intentions. Imagine being the finance guy when sales reps are paid on the quantity – not quality – of contact activity, so they cash in for every last person they spammed on the Little League parent roster.

Motivational speaker and consultant Barry Maher has witnessed plenty of situations that didn’t turn out quite the…

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Don’t Waste Good Leads on Bad Sales People

According to a report published by The Bridge Group, a Massachusetts-based sales strategy organization, 42% of companies it surveyed said that less than 50% of sales reps were meeting or exceeding their quotas.

Training and coaching can and do help most reps improve sales performance, but some just don’t benefit from education or guidance. Despite attention, some remain on the bottom tier, year after year, with little or no improvement. Yet managers continue…

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Flexibility + Appreciation = Employee Loyalty

Today, employees place a premium on work-life balance and flexibility. They want to be valuable members of their company, and also attentive parents, significant others, and friends. Making it to Bikram or trying a new recipe from Pinterest might be on their agenda too, but, hey, you can’t have time for everything.

The point is that all that effort deserves extra acknowledgement from time to time. Whether it’s giving props when a team member kills…

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