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5 Critical Ways to Tap into Your Team’s Psychology & Inspire Performance


Motivators are like fingerprints – everybody has a different set. This can be a daunting realization for most managers, that everyone want’s something unique to them, and trying to take this into account while crafting a compensation strategy is downright dizzying. But because motivation is a science, we can get closer than ever to pinpointing the motivational desires of each employee. Why is this? Because while no two people have the same set of…

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The Five Most Common Motivational Myths

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Take a minute to think of your favorite manager. What was it about his or her management style that left such a positive memory? Was she a good communicator, a mentor figure in your early career, or did he know just what to say to motivate you? Whatever it was, that personality and people management style left a lasting impression.

For many, a bad manager is just as memorable, if not more memorable, than a…

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Add a Power Punch to Academic & Anecdotal Information with Real-Time Data

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Imagine you’re a tightrope walker; you are high above the ground, with nothing to hold you up and a thin wire to balance on. If you’re like 10% of the population, you shudder at the thought of being at such a height.

Well Nik Wallenda of The Flying Wallenda aerialists performs stunts like this for a living. In perhaps his most memorable stunt, Nik walked across a chasm just east of the Grand Canyon. The…

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