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#TransformationTuesday: Automation Style

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, you’re likely familiar with the hashtag #TransformationTuesday. People use the tag to highlight a change for the better, usually one having resulted from a new workout plan, hairstyle, or any other kind of noticeable physical transformation. These side-by-side before-and-afters are a great way for people to show their followers a positive change they’ve made in their life.

While it’s great to show physical accomplishments or improvements, I think the…

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CompCloud‘14: One Week Away

Your CompCloud‘14 is only one week away, and the energy around the event is palpable. We are really looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco. Our teams are working together to bring you the most thought provoking and inspirational employee and sales performance management conference of the year – everyone is excited to hear and learn about how using the right incentives can truly inspire performance.

This year we have lined-up for you an incredible…

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Don’t Fight the Gamers, Embrace Them

Studies show that 71 percent of American workers are actively disengaged on the job. They are distracted, unfocused, spread too thin, and too few of their  efforts, good or bad, are reflected in their paycheck. There is a great opportunity for company leaders to remedy this issue, but it isn’t that easy. What can easily serve as a solution to this problem is an expertly written and executed sales incentive compensation plan that motivates…

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