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Quota Planning: The Spreadsheet Diet

“I’m so glad I stopped getting healthy,” said no one ever. When you go on a diet or start a new healthy routine you feel encouraged by affects like improved mood and increased energy. When you put your spreadsheets on a diet, you’ll feel motivated by results like improved workflow and more reps hitting quota. With quota planning season coming up, it’s time to cut back on those manual processes, email chains, and file versions…

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Life with Excel Vs. Life with Automation

At one point, flip-phones were the height of cellular technology (come on, I know you were jonesing for that bright red Razr back in ’05.) At the time, it was the most cutting edge exciting phone available. But two years later the iPhone made its debut and was quickly found superior by the market. However, even now, eight years after the initial iPhone release I still encounter people that are set in their ways…

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CompCloud‘14: One Week Away

Your CompCloud‘14 is only one week away, and the energy around the event is palpable. We are really looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco. Our teams are working together to bring you the most thought provoking and inspirational employee and sales performance management conference of the year – everyone is excited to hear and learn about how using the right incentives can truly inspire performance.

This year we have lined-up for you an incredible…

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