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Solidifying the Science of Sales Operations


Sales Ops

Sales have often been considered something of a dark art, with the exact causes of success and failure being as mystifying as alchemy or divinations. In this medieval mindset, great sales achievements were fortunate breaks, and poor sales performance was chocked up to bum raps and better luck next times.

But as business evolved, it had to leave behind the guesswork, and become a true science. Sales Ops was and is critical…

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When Motivation Fuels Customer Annoyance at 30,000 Feet


Anyone that leads a company strives to better motivate their employees, but a less frequently discussed topic is that there is such a thing as too much motivation. When your employees are so driven by the promise of a bonus that they disregard their duty to keep customers happy—your incentive plan has backfired.

Recently, an executive shared a story with us about an incentive gone wrong. While on an Alaska Air flight from San Francisco…

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5 Critical Ways to Tap into Your Team’s Psychology & Inspire Performance


Motivators are like fingerprints – everybody has a different set. This can be a daunting realization for most managers, that everyone want’s something unique to them, and trying to take this into account while crafting a compensation strategy is downright dizzying. But because motivation is a science, we can get closer than ever to pinpointing the motivational desires of each employee. Why is this? Because while no two people have the same set of…

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