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5 Critical Ways to Tap into Your Team’s Psychology & Inspire Performance


Motivators are like fingerprints – everybody has a different set. This can be a daunting realization for most managers, that everyone want’s something unique to them, and trying to take this into account while crafting a compensation strategy is downright dizzying. But because motivation is a science, we can get closer than ever to pinpointing the motivational desires of each employee. Why is this? Because while no two people have the same set of…

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Making the Grade with Appraisals


If businesses had mothers, they would certainly be ashamed to receive this report card: in a new BLR Performance Management survey, 72% of the surveys 1,358 participants gave their employer’s performance appraisals a grade of “C” or better. There were more B’s than D’s, and more F’s than A’s.

This is, without a doubt, a worrying statistic, and it really warrants an investigation into how companies across the board could score so…

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Tech Titans


It seems easy to dismiss the millennial generation as tech obsessed social consumers, and indeed most news outlets are inclined to do so. They are the new generation, the young generation, and their differences are easy to note and examine. But this is a dangerous mistake to make if you intend to remain in the business sector for any amount of time, because Millennials represent a powerful and driven new sector of the workforce,…

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