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Four Things to Stop Doing Immediately if You’re in Sales Ops


As a sales operations professional, you likely already know many tricks of the trade, but even the most seasoned sales ops pro might be hindering their success without even knowing it. You’re charged with helping the sales organization at your company run effectively and efficiently while supporting business strategies and objectives. To ensure you’re fulfilling these aims and avoiding common sales ops errors check the list below.

1.Ignoring the Day-to-Day Experiences of your Sales reps


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5 Critical Ways to Tap into Your Team’s Psychology & Inspire Performance


Motivators are like fingerprints – everybody has a different set. This can be a daunting realization for most managers, that everyone want’s something unique to them, and trying to take this into account while crafting a compensation strategy is downright dizzying. But because motivation is a science, we can get closer than ever to pinpointing the motivational desires of each employee. Why is this? Because while no two people have the same set of…

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5 Things Data Tells You About Your Sales Team


Never before has so much data been available at our fingertips. In just one day, it’s estimated that we create over 2.5 quintillion (1018) bytes of data. This number is only going to grow as new technology continues to enter the digital ecosystem.

While much of this data is so dense and complex that it’d take years to analyze, there is a significant portion that is ready to be used and digested. As a corporate…

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