Singing in the Workplace – Lessons from Into the Woods

If your office is anything like mine then you have lots of people working in close proximity to each other. Sometimes the conversation gets loud, which is ok because it adds to the energy of the workplace, but we have a few singers that seem to push the noise boundary. But having recently seen the delightfully musical Into the Woods, I’ve found that I have changed my tune when it comes to workplace singers.

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New Year New Gear – 3 Tips for a Fine Fresh Start

As is the tradition for this time of year, it is time to say fond farewell to the retrospective holiday posts of the last year, and look to the New Year’s new crop of suggestion posts. It may seem like the market is all but flooded with tips and tricks for optimizing and maximizing your potential in the new year, but this actually works in your favor. You can take these personal tips and make the most of them!

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3 Ways Incentive Planning Can Make You the Best at Gifts

It’s that time of year where if you live by the mall you need to plan in an hours padding to your commute because everyone is flocking to make the holiday deadline. In this scramble it can feel easy to cut corners with gifting and go for the cash or cards, but I’m here to tell you that with a little thought and a page from the book of incentive planning, you can nail the seasonal gifts like the jolliest of them.

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