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Four Things you Need to Know About Real-Time Data


Analyzing real-time data has the potential to turn your decisions completely on their head, and fuel company growth like crazy. The sky is the limit, and includes any historical or current data you have—whether it pertains to quotas or territories, performance or pay.Let’s dig in to the four critical things you absolutely need to know about real time data:

1.) Long-term data facilitates long-term results

Xactly has gathered more than eight years’ worth of empirical data,…

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How one Company has Lost Only Three Employees in 15 Years


Let’s play a word association game. When I say “peanut butter” what do you think of? You likely envisioned jelly. How about “Romeo”? You probably thought of Juliet. Now imagine you’re in recruitment, or even own your own company. What comes to mind when I say, “employee?” Likely, the word retention comes to mind.

When it comes to employee management, longevity is a major priority. Turnover is expensive, and valuable long-term employees have time-tested experience….

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Four Steps to a Dynamic Company Culture


Take a minute to imagine your perfect job. What makes it great? Are you given unlimited vacation days, provided with free eats, and allowed to take your pooch to work? Hold up- while all of these “incidental perks” might attract new hires, what really makes a position ideal? Many would agree that what truly makes people enjoy their jobs long term is less tangible, and more about the ever-so-difficult to define- and highly coveted-…

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