DNA of a World-Class Incentive Compensation Process

Calculations & Accuracy

Trust in the incentive compensation process is critical to driving the right behavior. We believe the plan design, workflow, and calculation of your incentives compensation program needs to run smoothly, accurately, and with confidence, allowing your company both to grow successfully and to adjust to changing business environments.

Products That Deliver Calculations and Accuracy:



Xactly Incent easily manages the complex sales compensation processes of enterprise companies. Its fully automated, web-based approach replaces tedious, manual processes, making any incentive program easy to manage and error free. Incent has additional modules that are easily enabled to add functionality as needed. With Xactly Connect, our open API allows for integration with the best of breed vendors that complement Incent’s power (e.g. CRM, CPQ, HCM, etc.).


Incent Express™

Xactly Incent Express simplifies the management of your sales compensation processes. Both the robust plan wizard and the calculation engine can handle a wide variety of plan structures and complexities, while also giving you the adaptability to easily change your plans in response to changes in the market or business objectives. Its automated, web-based approach easily enables small-to-medium sized businesses to scale with their rapid growth, while also reducing errors. Incent Express’ direct integration with salesforce.com easily imports data from any CRM, ERP, or other business application to leverage the necessary data for calculation purposes.


Incentive compensation system seamlessly interoperates with ERP, CRM, and other systems.


Plans are designed based on business needs, not on technology limitations.


Eliminate calculation errors by removing unnecessary and unreliable manual steps.


Compensation plan changes/updates are made throughout the year in response to changes in the market.


Incentive system handles the increasing volume of transaction data.


Calculated results can be adjusted simply and easily for any pay period as required.

Analytics, Reporting & Communication

Increase understanding across department with reporting and analytics for sales reps, managers, and executives.

Control & Risk Management

Take control of your incentive compensation with visibility into your compensation costs and accessibility to audit trails of all incentive payments.

Strategic Planning & Design

Analyze data and understand industry benchmarks so that you can make informed planning and design decisions.

Have confidence in your compensation calculations and better understand the connection between pay and performance.