KIO Networks Manages Complex Global Incentive Plans with Xactly

Xactly motivates sales teams to sell more, and aligns their goals directly with company objectives and global strategy.
– Santiago Suinaga Sainz, VP of Sales Operations

The Challenge

KIO Networks is a Mexican company, with presence in six countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Spain, and in the United States. The IT services firm has eight compensation plans spanning its different team functions, with over 200 payees receiving compensation in varied currencies. As such, providing employees with the right compensation plans that will motivate, reward and encourage the teams was a huge challenge. KIO Networks struggled to move away from a manual process to manage this workload where administrative time was high, as was the chance of errors. Sales teams also had no automated way of viewing and monitoring their performance – something which is vital in ensuring the right compensation is provided. As such, the company needed a flexible solution to manage its varied compensation structure across six geographies, while improving staff motivation through real-time visibility of compensation.

The Solution

To address this issue, KIO Networks decided to automate its sales compensation initiatives by implementing Xactly Incent. The cloud solution has allowed KIO Networks to drive improved performance by bringing visibility and understanding to incentive performance with real-time, intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboards and commission statements. The team has been able to take control by testing compensation pay-outs under various performance scenarios and better understand the financial impact of any compensation. The company has also employed the mobile app to allow sales reps access their performance data anytime, anywhere via their mobile devices.

The Results

With Xactly Incent, KIO Networks has been able to automate their complex schemes, reducing both administrative time and the chance of errors. The sales team now has visibility of their compensation in real-time, rather than waiting for spreadsheet reports generated from their compensation manager. The multi-language and multi-currency capabilities of the solution are an added bonus for the geographically diverse company, helping drive the whole team to success. Xactly’s accessible, native user interface has contributed to excellent user adoption throughout the company. KIO Networks has also benefitted from the way that Xactly and other applications including Steelbrick and SpringCM integrate into the Salesforce CRM system. This enables the sales team to manage sales transactions from lead-to-cash in the most streamlined process possible, to maximize their productivity.

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