LegalZoom Testifies: Xactly Helped us Transform Sales Behavior

"Xactly allowed us to change the entire compensation process and truly do it right."

– Aaron Hong, Senior Director of Sales

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LegalZoom Testifies: Xactly Helped us Transform Sales Behavior

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The Challenge

LegalZoom is the nation’s leading provider of quality online legal solutions for families and small businesses. To date, the company has helped over two million Americans become protected with binding legal documents. As the company quickly grew to more than 200 sales managers and reps, they began to feel the bind of an outdated approach to managing sales compensation. Tracking compensation on 30 spreadsheets was not only tedious and painful to control, but they were limiting LegalZoom’s ability to create incentive-based plans that could drive the right kind of behaviors they wanted from their sales force.

The Solution

LegalZoom knew it needed to automate its sales compensation processes to create a more manageable and accurate system of record. After a review of competitive systems, the verdict was clear. Xactly stood out not only for its technical prowess in handling complex compensation structures, but also in its commitment to customer excellence, innovative vision, and thought leadership in the industry. With the guidance of Xactly’s services team, LegalZoom was up and running quickly on Xactly Incent™, coming in on time and under budget for the implementation. The company also licensed Xactly’s MBO offering, Xactly Objectives™.

The Results

Today, all of LegalZoom’s compensation plans are managed from one automated system, giving the company a transparent and accurate hub for all of their compensation data. For Finance, the system has created a clear, auditable process and restored trust in the numbers. The company also has a historical record of sales compensation, enabling them to compare and review performance year over year. But for sales, the impact of Xactly has been even more far reaching. For starters, having real-time visibility into their sales plans and performance has led to a more motivated and driven sales team. Automating with Xactly has also enabled LegalZoom to reimagine their sales plans to create incentives and SPIFs that focus on not only the initial transaction, but also the long-term impact to customers. Since implementing Xactly, the company has seen an increase in their customer service scores. The company believes this is the direct result of a having a happier, more engaged sales force that is inspired to deliver a great customer experience.

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Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Glendale, CA
Size: 500 - 1000 Employees





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