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Incentive Compensation Management

The Impact of Incentive Compensation Management

Payment Accuracy
Less Time Processing Commissions

Case Study

Xactly has taken the area of sales compensation to a different level – we’re not just talking about the pay, we’re talking about how we go to market, we’re talking about sales strategy and how we support our sales organization.

Ely Lai, Senior Director, Global Sales Compensation
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From Order to Expense

Reduce Time Spent on Plan Administration

Automating workflows to manage compensation reduces process time to less than 3 weeks. It also fast tracks payout times and reduces shadow accounting. All it takes is one comma in the wrong place to create an erroneous formula that leads to payment errors and a loss of trust from sales. Adopting an end-to-end solution ensures commission earnings and expenses seamlessly integrate to enhance collaboration between sales ops, finance, and accounting.

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