Balto Software Shortens Sales Cycles and Increases Win Rates With Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform


Xactly's insights help us understand probabilities to allow our sales team to adjust tactics. This is imperative to achieve sustained and profitable growth.

Chris Kontes
Founder and COO

About Balto

Balto is the leader in Real-Time Guidance for contact centers. Powered by AI, Balto's software solution evaluates both sides of a phone call and instantly delivers critical information that enables agents to perform at the highest level humanly possible. With Balto, contact centers deliver world-class customer experiences, increase conversions and decrease agent ramp time.

Results using Xactly’s Platform

Balto is achieving exceptional results using Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue platform. Since adopting Xactly’s forecasting capabilities, Balto has:

  • 100% increase in total contract value
  • 13% increase in wins quarter over quarter
  • Sales pipeline accuracy improved by 87%, giving them the ability to target better
  • Shortened its sales cycle to under two months

Within the last year, Balto’s revenue and employee headcount nearly tripled. Balto uses Xactly to view its pipeline in real-time, determine which deals have momentum, and identify where deals are stuck. This visibility allows revenue leaders to feel confident making decisions backed by data even with the complexities that rapid growth can create.

Xactly's Sales Forecasting solution provides historical data, sentiment, and buying patterns to help customers improve revenue. "Xactly's insights help us understand probabilities to allow our sales team to adjust tactics. This is imperative to achieve sustained and profitable growth,” said Chris Kontes, Balto Founder and COO. By relying on Xactly, Kontes said his team can focus on high-level strategy by leveraging real-time insights. These insights are enabling companies like Balto to maintain a competitive edge by achieving and sustaining remarkable growth in a dynamic economic climate.

Challenges Overcome: Just a year ago, Chris Kontes, Balto Founder and COO, noted that he needed to be ingrained in day-to-day tasks with his sales team to understand the health of the sales funnel. With Xactly, even as his staff grows, Kontes now can take a step back from granular operations to prioritize high-level strategy, with quick access to digestible pipeline insights. Operating a small business takes a lot of bandwidth, and relying on Xactly ensures Balto is on track to hit goals and that Chris can focus on fostering a healthy remote workplace, while continuing to grow the company.

Additional Benefits

Increased visibility into the sales pipeline is the number one perk that Xactly provides Balto. “Xactly doesn’t make us spend time trying to understand the report — it’s cleanly represented,” said Kontes. In a fast-paced sales environment, quickly identifying the health of a deal is vital to ensure growth, and create intelligent, profitable, and predictable revenue. These unprecedented insights allow the sales team to proactively adjust tactics to secure the deal or make a prospective relationship healthier. This is a much better alternative to digging through spreadsheets and notes to even begin to assess the health of an individual deal.

During their weekly sales stand-up, Balto taps Xactly to view their pipeline in real-time, check what deals have more momentum, and identify which are stuck. This has created a culture of transparency and data integrity at the company and allows them to prioritize data-backed decisions. As a result, the young company is on an exponential growth path.