Fireside Chat with Chris Cabrera & Guests

Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, Ann-Christel Graham, CRO at Talend, and Xactly founder and CEO, Chris Cabrera, discuss intelligent revenue and how to create a predictable, yet high-performing revenue engine.


New Digital Era: The Emergence of Revenue Intelligence & Performance Management

Our new "never normal" era of business is defined by volatility. Learn how you can still build predictability into your revenue processes, and learn the three factors that allow any business to generate revenue in any business environment. Finally, discover the winning way to navigate the transformation process.


The New Sales Era is Here

Throughout all of the disruptions this year, one thing is clear: change is inevitable, and sales agility and data accuracy are crucial to survive. Learn everything you need to know about the new sales era and why Sales Performance Management (SPM) is crucial to surviving it.


Call Your Sales Numbers with Confidence

When it comes to hitting your sales numbers, you only have two options: do or don’t. And for executive leadership and board members, ‘don’t’ is not the right answer. Accurate sales forecasting is critical for companies to drive revenue predictability and call their numbers with confidence. Learn what a sales forecast is, how it works, and how to choose the right tools to aid your sales organization.


The Digital Transformation Imperative for Revenue Organizations

A large percentage of companies say their go-to-market approaches are not connected or agile enough. That costs them sales they should have made, and makes their forecasts obsolete the moment they're written. But moving from intuition and assumptions to a data-informed forecast changes all of that. Learn about an integrated, agile go-to-market framework that results in predictable revenue, see how behavioral data driven-solutions combined with human intelligence can help your sales teams excel, and discover a sensible, manageable and value-driven approach to digital transformation.


Streamline Your Digital Transformation Journey

Adapting quickly in today’s fast-paced world requires two things: agility and data accuracy. Get the guide to learn more. Discover best practices and success stories from companies using Sales Performance Management to streamline their digital transformation and drive top performance in every situation.


Salesforce and Forrester Research: How Continuous Planning Unleashes Your Sales Potential

If you’re a revenue leader, you know the pressure is on to deliver better and more predictable results. Join this session where leaders from Xactly, Forrester and Salesforce have an in-depth discussion about revenue intelligence, the future of selling, the modern influence of changing buyer and customer behavior, how to secure access to trustworthy data, the impact of new technologies, and the current drive for a scalable, repeatable revenue ecosystem.


Continuous Planning Has Never Been So Essential

Adapting At The Speed Of Market Change Requires a Major Overhaul for Most Growth Strategy Leaders. Grab the guide to learn more. As the pressures mount for growth strategy leaders, and the pace in which new technologies mature propels forward, businesses that cling to dated internal planning processes and tools will be unable to compete.


Accurate Sales Forecasting in an Uncertain World

The last year showed how hard it is to predict the future, especially in sales. But it's never been more important to make accurate forecasts - and to possess the ability to adjust the forecast on the fly. Learn how Intelligence around revenue helps point the way toward smart pivots for the entire company, and how you can use intelligence to discover the small tasks to address today that can have a huge impact in the long term.


Fundamentals to Drive Revenue in 2021

Learn how you can squeeze more value out of your upcoming sales plans by combining the latest technology with a modern approach to forecasting in our latest guide. An up-to-date, step-by-step guide to the important considerations needed to develop an accurate forecast.

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