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Xactly Connect for Incent

Building a Bridge To Link Sales Compensation With The Rest of Your Business

Xactly Connect™ for Incent is a powerful set of Web services application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to extend the capabilities of Xactly Incent by enabling seamless system-to-system communication. Using Xactly Connect companies can:

  • Automatically synchronize key data used across business systems. Updates made in the system of record can be immediately reflected in Xactly Incent, eliminating data latency issues.
  • Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. Both synchronous and asynchronous communications methods can be used to systematically link formerly manual data transmission and maintenance processes.
  • Guarantee process controls. The timing and sequence of sales compensation processing is critical to producing timely, accurate results. Xactly Connect offers a powerful set of tools that can ensure that the right data is processed at the right time, producing results your company can bank on.

Xactly Connect Datasheet

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