Our Mission

CARE Week is an annual, international, and company-wide initiative that fosters Xactly Corporation’s Core Values, enhances company culture, and is aimed toward giving back to the communities that surround our organization. While our mission is unchanged, the past few years have presented us with new opportunities in the way that we bring this vision to life. As a company, Xactly plans to give back through fundraising for influential organizations and volunteering our time.

Care Week Animals

Be Great, Go Big, Do Good

Xactly Affinity Groups


Designed to embody, celebrate, honor, highlight and provide education to fellow Xactlians on achievements provided by members of the Black community.


Uplift Women, Amplify Voices, Cultivate Community.


Support and be a resource for parents including information on parental leave, returning to work, and parenthood’s impact on work and career growth.


LatinXactly facilitates a safe space for the Latinx community, celebrate our cultures & individual successes, & bring attention to issues, opportunities, & resources.

True Colors

True Colors increases the visibility and representation of the LGBTQ+ community within the organization by providing support and educational opportunities to its members and fellow Xactlians.

Our Core Values


Customer Focus

We work hard to become a trusted partner. We value each and every customer and endeavor to go above and beyond, to meet and exceed their expectations.



We think it's critically important to honor our word and promises and we hold one another accountable to do just that.



We respect our co-workers regardless of race, background, or sexual orientation and are deeply committed to maintaining a work environment that is equitable to all.



Being excellent means doing your best work at Xactly, being your best, and always striving to go beyond the status quo.

CARE Week 2022 Organizations

This year’s CARE Week will support organizations that align with our Core Values and XactlyOne Foundation’s priorities of education and connection.

Care Week at Xactly 2021

Since its genesis in 2018, CARE Week has been an incredible success that brings together our employees to give back to the communities where we live and work. We look forward to CARE Week 2023 and are looking forward to giving back to the non-profits selected by our employees.