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Managing Commissions Under the New Revenue Recognition Standard

January 1, 2018 is the effective date of the new revenue standard for most public and nonpublic entities reporting under U.S. GAAP.


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Mastering Sales Integration During an Enterprise Merger and Acquisition

While M&As offer tremendous opportunity, the initial merge of companies creates confusion, especially during the integration of sales teams. Download the guide for tips on how to successfully integrate sales teams for a smooth merger or acquisition.


Research Report: Salesperson Retention and Turnover

This new report from Sales Management Association investigates sales force practices in hiring, onboarding, and retaining key performers.

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Managing Sales Performance in Smaller Organizations

Ventana Research Perspective Sales Performance (Xactly) 2017.pdf

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The Enterprise Guide to Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Enterprise organizations need sales performance management (SPM) solutions that provide detailed data to keep up with increasing competition, innovation, and better-informed customers. Discover what you should look for in an enterprise SPM solution.


Managing Commissions Under the New Revenue Recognition Standard

The vast majority of businesses are unprepared for commission expense accounting, more commonly known as the costs of obtaining a contract.


Driving ROI: The Business Case for a Comprehensive Sales Performance Management (SPM) Solution

Hobson & Company, a research firm focused on ROI and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies, worked with Xactly to explore these challenges. The white paper highlights examples of operational and business benefits that can be realized with Xactly's comprehensive sales performance management solution from Xactly across sales planning, execution and optimization. 

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How to Effectively Manage Risk

As a finance leader, understanding and mitigating risk associated with your company has long been your responsibility. Now more than ever, risk related to sales compensation plans is at the forefront of finance leaders’ minds as plans become more complex and more difficult to appropriately implement, manage and analyze.


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CFO Guide to Compensation Risk & Reward

The days of manually creating and implementing sales compensation plans are quickly coming to an end. If you’re a finance leader involved in managing compensation, you’re probably used to using spreadsheets to track and manage your sales compensation data.


How to Buy Sales Compensation Software


Surefire Ways to Leverage Xactly Insights™ To Boost Compensation ROI

With Xactly Insights, finance leaders get a direct view into best-in-class incentive compensation.


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Moving from Traditional Licenses to Subscription (SaaS) - Better Sales Comp Practices

Sales compensation is a strategic business tool - no matter how you slice it. However, this is never more true than when you are making a dramatic shift within your company. Moving from traditional licenses to a subscription model is one of these shifts. With over two decades of industry experience, Clinton Gott of Better Sales Compensation Consultant is ready to share what he sees as the most common concerns companies voice when moving from a traditional license model to SaaS.


Complete Guide to Sales Team Compensation

Putting together your sales team requires you to consider the specifics of each person’s tasks, how those responsibilities move the team toward the given goal – and how to properly compensate each member.


The Retailer's Guide To Sales Commission Planning

Your sales commissions plan is the blueprint for your store's selling engine. Putting together this plan is no easy task, but a challenge that every retailer has to overcome in order to motivate sales associates, deliver a superior customer experience, and increases sales. The Retailer's Guide To Sales Commission Planning was created to empower retailers to produce these results.


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Designing Sales Compensation Plans

With careful consideration and strategic design, you can use incentive compensation to inspire your teams and empower them to perform above and beyond the competition.


6 Ways Incentive Compensation Rewards Employees In Your Company

In this 14-page report we highlight how sales, finance, and the C-suite all benefit from the accuracy, visibility, and strategic capabilities that incentive applications offer.


Sales Incentive Compensation 101 – for Emerging Companies

Introducing a sales compensation program into your emerging business can be met with some apprehension. But by establishing a sales compensation program early, you will not only be able to bring structure to your compensation process, but the goals outlined in the plan will also help to motivate and reward your sales reps as your company grows.


Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Planning

It’s that time of year again. It’s Q4, and you’ve begun the challenging process of designing next year's sales plan. We feel your pain and want you to get the most benefit possible from your sales planning process. Download the guide today to make your upcoming sales comp plan your best yet!


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Five Must-Have Sales Management Tools


2017 Sales Compensation Administration Best Practices Survey

We studied the sales compensation processes, approaches, and technologies of over 240 companies. This key research has been collected in this report to provide your organization best practice recommendations and industry benchmarks for comparison.


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2018 Sales Compensation Best Practices Study Executive Guide

We surveyed more than 200 companies on their sales compensation processes, approaches, and technology usage. Discover best practices, key insights, and industry benchmarks for comparison in our executive guide.



2018 Sales Compensation Administration Best Practices (Full Survey)

More than 200 companies were surveyed to uncover sales compensation planning and administration best practices. See the results in the full survey report. 

2018 Sales Comp Admin Survey V2.pdf

Xactly Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019

“Xactly is the definition of a true partnership. When we need to discuss strategy and long term goals, they’re right there with us."  — Stephen Andrews, Director, Sales Incentives at Manheim, Cox Automotive. "As we have grown, Xactly has helped scale so that we can easily manage our growing sales team and revenue."


Xactly Named Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Solutions, Q1 2019

Xactly has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Solutions, Q1 2019. This new industry report evaluates top vendors in the sales performance management (SPM) space.


Optimizing Sales Planning with Data Intelligence

Discover how to harness the power of sales data to automate and streamline your sales planning process in our guide.


5 Steps to Build a Sales Incentive Plan

Download our sales incentive planning tip sheet for a year-round guide for sales compensation planning, execution, and analysis. 


Commission Expense Accounting Under ASC 606 (IFRS 15)

To comply with ASC 606 (IFRS 15), companies need an automated system to organize and track commissions data detail. See how Xactly Commission Expense Accounting (CEA) compares to the standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

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The Impact of Pay Mix

Incentives and pay drive sales performance. See the impact of sales pay mix, examples by role, and industry pay mixes in this guide.


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Surviving ASC 606

The largest accounting standard change in over a decade—ASC 606—is here. The new standards for recognizing revenue and expenses such as amortizing sales commissions unfortunately cannot be addressed by current processes or ERP systems.


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6 Effective Ways to Use Insights for Sales to Boost Operational Success

As a Sales leader, you need accurate information at your fingertips, but you likely don’t have the time to pore through mountains of data. Your existing dashboards and reports are too technical, too limited in scope, or force you to rely on colleagues in other departments to disseminate reports across the business. Xactly Insights™ for Sales addresses this information bottleneck head on, providing Sales leaders with the data they need, when they need it.


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6 Areas of Opportunity For Sales Ops


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3 Key Issues Impacting the Modern CFO


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Xactly SimplyComp™

Xactly SimplyComp gives you spreadsheet-like familiarity - making it effortless to design, build, and manage incentive compensation plans. Purchase, create, and administer compensation plans in minutes, using out-of-the-box plan templates to maximize your incentive compensation plans.


Xactly Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2017

Inspiring Sales Rep Performance

In this new eBook, 10 industry experts provide their top tips on how to inspire sales reps and maximize their selling power.


Coach Your Reps--Rookies and Vets-- to Achieve Goals Faster and Maximize Performance

Xactly Inspire is a Sales Onboarding and Coaching software that helps sales leaders solve the challenge of inspiring new team members to achieve full quota bearing productivity faster.


How Leaders can use Xactly Insights™ to up Their Game

In this guide, it is our goal to outline the data-driven solutions to some of the top challenges for business leaders.


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Industry Analysts Name Xactly as "Market Winner"

Xactly took the top spot from IBM's Varicent in this year's CRM Magazine CRM Market Awards. Xactly earned the highest marks in every single category while also being named a leader in the market by Gartner, in its Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management.


What to Buy for Sales Productivity

In this recent white paper by Beagle Research Group, they uncover how Sales Managers are taking a tool traditionally used by Finance and giving it new life as a performance motivator. The research identifies key ways Sales can use ICM to drive performance and sell more.


CFO Call to Action: Aligning Sales and Finance

Sales and Finance are notorious for butting heads. Finance makes life difficult with their penny-pinching ways and Sales adds fuel to an already hot fire with their never-ending requests. But the days of contention between the two are numbered. Find out how technology is the solution to bridging this long-standing divide.


Objectives: The Ultimate Productivity Hack for Your Team

Download Objectives: The Ultimate Productivity Hack for Your Team guide to learn the benefit of managing employees by objectives. This guide explores fascinating stats on the impact employee disengagement has on the American workforce as well as ways to prevent disengagement.


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Definitive Metrics for Sales Compensation

US companies spend $800 billion a year on sales compensation. That’s three times more then they spend on advertising and $100 billion more than the government spends on national defense. Considering this, sales comp still remains one of the most difficult industries to understand, analyze, and implement.


How Mid-market Companies use Incentive Compensation as a Growth Engine

Discover how incentive compensation is helping mid-market companies grow and thrive. Credited with helping to motivate and reward employees, it’s now common for all individuals in an organization to be on incentive compensation plans. When implemented properly, the profits that a compensation program helps to bring in far outweigh the costs.


Make Your MBOs Matter

Discover how MBOs will help motivate your team, increase performance, and reward behavior in “Make your MBOs Matter.” This comprehensive guide highlights how MBOs work, why MBOs are the solution for any job function, and how they work across generations. Say goodbye to the days when employee goals got lost in the shuffle, it’s time to embrace MBOs.


Xactly Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2018


Optimizing Sales Territories for Competitive Advantage

To learn more about how you can gain a strategic advantage through sales territory optimization, download our executive guide and discover how companies can maximize their return on sales resources...


The Urgency of Territory Design with Sales Performance Management

Territory planning is the foundation of sales performance management (SPM). Effective territory allocation ensures you set the right quotas and design the right incentive compensation plan.

Using data-intelligent, automated, and integrated territory planning, organizations can maximize ROI and improve operational efficiencies, achieve higher revenue attainment, and drive sales team motivation and trust.


The Impact of Tenure on the Retention of Top Performers

A recent review of Xactly Insights data highlighted the impact tenure has on the retention and performance of top sales team contributors. Most notably, peak sales rep performance hits between years 3-5 in any given industry.

Impact of Tenure Updated PDF.pdf

The Complete Sales Planning Handbook

The strongest sales plans are automated, data-driven, continuously analyzed, and collaborative. See how automated, data-driven solutions help companies simplify their sales planning process and set accurate assumptions.


Reducing Operational and Financial Risks with SPM Technology

Lowering operational and financial risks is essential to safeguard a company’s reputation, maximize ROI, increase efficiencies, and drive revenue growth. Learn how sales performance management (SPM) solutions can improve sales performance and effectively reduce risk.


Cost Accounting Under ASC 606

For most companies that do business using contracts, the ASC 606 standard makes accounting processes more detailed and complicated. In the following guide, Ventana Research discusses important aspects of the ASC 606 guidelines.

Ventana_Obero_Cost_Accounting_Ebook_2 .pdf

2018 Mid-Market Sales Incentive Study

The CFO Alliance teamed up with Xactly Corporation, a leader in sales performance and incentive compensation management, and Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), to conduct this year’s Mid-Market Executive Compensation & Sales Incentive Study. More than 300 organizations were survey on making financial investments to prevent sales force attrition. Download your copy for key insights and best practices.


Research Brief: Optimizing Sales Territory Design

See how effective territory design can result in sales performance up to 30% higher than the average.


Sales Performance Management in The Subscription Economy

Sales Performance Management can have a significant impact when applied to subscription-based businesses. SPM systems utilize a number of key tools. One is incentives to sales, account management and customer-related teams. Another is analytics that can assess subscription processes to determine the success of SPM strategies.


The Sales Leader's Guide to Xactly Insights™


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Incentive Comp Checklist

Do your products or services vary in price? Are your reps complaining about the time pricing takes? Is it more difficult to do business with your competitors than you? These and more questions are critical to answer when it comes to determining whether or not a CPQ solution is right for your organization. We’ve designed this Incentive Comp checklist to help you streamline the review process, and ultimately solve the question of CPQ for you.


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Salesforce and Xactly

With Xactly’s integration with Salesforce1, users now have the full power of Xactly Incent and Salesforce CRM data at their fingertips. Staying connected to customer information is more critical than ever and these best-in-class apps work together to smoothly manage the entire sales cycle giving you control over your incentive compensation and allowing you to achieve more with your compensation investment- all from your phone or mobile device.


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Incent Express™

Xactly Incent Express gives you real-time visibility into your compensation process and allows you to build plans, calculate commissions, and analyze employee performance, all within one powerful application. By automating this process, you will gain valuable time back in your day and reduce risk-associated errors.


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Xactly Incent Enterprise™

Take control of your incentive compensation and inspire performance with Xactly Incent Enterprise. Our cross-functional application allows Finance, Compensation, and Sales teams greater visibility into quota attainment and employee performance giving them real-time analytics and flexibility to make changes based on market conditions.


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Tightly align employee performance with company goals and increase engagement with Xactly Objectives. Our Management by Objectives platform gives your company the tools it needs to roll out incentive compensation to all members of your organization, across any department.


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Best Practices for Territory Design and Management

Handling sales territories can be a difficult endeavor for any business leader. Learn what it takes to effectively research, set, and manage territories as well as the best ways to handle sales rep pushback and how to foster a supportive team environment.


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CSO Insights – Sales Management Optimization Study

This report shares key trends and best practices for sales compensation and performance management, as well as insights based on company size, industry, and annual revenue.