The Gender Pay Gap in the UK

The gender pay gap is not only a failing inequality, but bad news for the economy. Businesses who fail to properly reward their staff, regardless of gender, will always fail to gain the most from their employees and will be limited in their success.The Government understands this and is making moves to address the gap – from April 2018, companies that fail to address pay differences between male and female employees will be highlighted in league tables. Those with more than 250 employees will be forced to reveal their pay gap and need to start calculating the pay gap from April 2017 – 12 months ahead of the first tables.

But will this work? Should it only be large businesses that are forced to act? And do British businesses have the data and the analysis capabilities to meet the Government’s demands effectively… or will this initiative prove a false dawn?

Xactly commissioned a study of 250 C-suite decision makers across large UK organisations of 250+ employees to find out. We wanted to know if today’s business leaders acknowledge, have experience of, and are acting to close the gender pay gap. In short, we wanted to understand why there is a gap and what needs to be done to address it.

This report by Xactly is a wake-up call. It lays bare the extent of complacency about the pay gap.

Baroness Tessa Jowell, DBE


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The Gender Pay Gap in the UK