eBook: Surefire Ways to Leverage Xactly Insights™ To Boost Compensation ROI

Xactly Insights is the only sales analytics and benchmarking solution that provides 11 years of aggregated compensation data to give companies a competitive edge in the marketplace. With Xactly Insights, finance leaders get a direct view into best-in-class incentive compensation.

This eBook will cover 4 use cases for Xactly Insights, including:

  • Evaluating program competitiveness
  • Identifying areas of potential financial risk
  • Making directional plan adjustments
  • Driving major plan changes

Xactly Insights provides finance and operations the ability to quickly and easily answer questions about the results of any investment in incentives.

Download the eBook and see how it can work for you.

With data from Xactly Insights software, we help our customers reimagine how they approach and design sales compensation programs that improve rep engagement, retention, and overall performance.
- Byron Matthews, President of Miller Heiman Group
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