The Spreadsheet Is Dead – Long Live Incentive Compensation!

The Spreadsheet Is Dead – Long Live Incentive Compensation! shows administrators and finance leaders how sales compensation plans can be used as strategic tools – but not if you’re managing your plan on time-consuming spreadsheets, with their limited capabilities. In this 8-page guide, you’ll learn how a well-crafted incentive compensation plan can shape your sales team’s behavior and improve your bottom line. You’ll also find out what to do to address the pitfalls of using spreadsheets, including:
  • Errors in commission payments
  • Time wasted on “shadow accounting”
  • Poorly understood compensation plans
  • Lack of visibility into compensation
  • Lack of flexibility to modify plans
  • Difficult forecasting of company performance
  • Misaligned goals
  • Difficult SOX compliance

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We are saving enormous amounts of time and effort around compensation management. Tom Kahl, President, | GlobalEnglish