Xactly Connectors for Salesforce and Workday

Xactly Connector for Salesforce

Object Access – Full data access to all Salesforce Objects
Query Language – Direct data queries using Salesforce’s native SOQL statements
Authentication – API level authentication between platforms

Seamlessly Connect Xactly and Salesforce Data and Features 
through the Xactly Connect Platform

Use Case Example: Xactly Connect and Salesforce CPQ

Leveraging the Xactly Connect platform, Xactly directly integrated the Xactly Estimator into Salesforce CPQ’s next-generation quote-to-cash application, allowing information to easily flow between the two systems. With this new integration, sales teams can estimate potential commissions against their pipeline and then easily generate proposals, contracts, and invoices. This new capability allows sales reps to not only better understand how modifications to deal structure can impact their compensation, but it also can shorten the sales cycle.


Xactly Connector for Workday

Enables direct integration to Workday data - including organizational data, payroll, and more.

  • Uses API level connections to individual Workday objects and allows users to easily bring them together for use in compensation processes.
  • Access any object in Xactly Incent through a direct API connection with Workday’s HCM, Financials, and PSA modules, allowing clients to leverage pre-built integration points saving them time and money.
  • Integrate with Workday’s “Report as a Service” (RaaS) capability, reducing data complexity and providing control on the level of data you share.

The Workday Connector can also leverage the Xactly Connect capabilities for data preparation and automation

Data Access
Full data access to all Workday elements

API level authentication between platforms

Two Options

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.02.42 AM

Xactly Connector
Pre-configured endpoint connection
for Workers and other objects

Workday RaaS
Flexible integration to Workday’s
Report-as-a-Service endpoints