Xactly Insights™

What best-in-class incentive compensation looks like

Xactly Insights is the first-ever big data platform to provide you with live incentive compensation insights.

By using Xactly Insights, you can:

Create Competitive Compensation Plans

Monitor and adjust your incentive plans using empirical data and intuitive technology. Ensure your compensation plans are driving the right behavior and maximizing team performance.

Increase Sales

Pay for true, market validated performance. Reward your top performers and use Insights benchmarking data to coach other team members, improving overall productivity.

Attract and Retain
Top Performers

Ensure that you are compensating competitively for your industry and peer group. Don’t lose top reps because you underpay them or overpay underperforming reps.

Sales Data. Now with an Action Plan.

Xactly Insights™ for Sales provides a comprehensive look into your reps’ performance and leverages data from best-in-class companies to recommend actions that can improve problem areas, reduce turnover, and help your team hit their numbers.


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Xactly Insights™ uses real, empirical industry data to reveal best practices around incentive compensation that will drive your sales reps to new levels of achievement.

Drive Performance with Data

Coach Your Reps and Benchmark Against Your Industry

Benchmark against others in your peer group in order to compare the performance of your sales team to others. With these insights, determine whether you need to make adjustments to your compensation plans or implement further coaching to remain competitive.


“Sales is at an important crossroads right now as companies seek to improve productivity and engage the new generation of sellers. Empirical insights on sales compensation remain at a premium. CEB is excited to tap into Xactly’s deep expertise on sales compensation and bring their incredibly strong data assets to our members to help create more dynamic and competitive sales programs.”

– Nick Toman, Sales Practice Leader, CEB

Gain The Competitive Edge

Create Incentive Plans That Drive Company Performance

Use Xactly Insights as your guide to achieve urgent and important company goals. Compare and contrast your incentive investments and practices to other comparable companies. Achieve peak performance from your sales team, and drive an increased return on your incentive compensation investment.


Be Dynamic

Engage Employees with Smart Incentives

Incentive compensation is a critical, proven tool for motivating and engaging employees to drive business results. Xactly Insights gives you actionable visibility into key components of your incentive compensation plans. For example, you can view and interact with data such as the average spend per employee and the average quota attainment for your peer group.


“We purchased Xactly Insights to enhance our executive reporting and validate our strategy with benchmarking to assure that we could recruit, retain and properly reward top sales talent.”

– Hyatt

Xactly Insights provides a clear path to help you incent right

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