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Rackspace realized there had to be a tactical solution to its compensation challenges, not to mention a more productive use of staff time. Rackspace wanted the solution to be on-demand, automated, and transparent. Xactly Incent has streamlined financial reporting at Rackspace around sales operations. The same data that is pulled into Xactly to enable accurate commissions is used to power timely analytics and reporting. Standard reports are run automatically on current data, and custom reports can be quickly and easily defined.



Cbeyond brings cutting edge tech to the SMB customer base, but outdated incentive compensation practices were holding them back. This manual system left much to be desired, and rep disputes were commonplace. Xactly helped Cbeyond to see that their complex operation needed an automated system to keep up with their own tech products, and how SaaS was the perfect fit for their sales team.


Acme Packet

Acme Packet sells its industry-leading hardware and software solutions for voice over IP through a combination of direct sales and channel partners. Like many organizations, Acme Packet managed compensation for its 150 person direct sales team using manual processes. But this approach did not scale with the company’s dramatic growth, leading to inefficiencies and overhead, and creating an unnecessary distraction.



With a three-person team, Envera’s accountants spent many hours each month calculating commissions on spreadsheets. The company’s compensation plan was relatively simple, but the spreadsheet process still resulted in errors. When the company decided to hire more salespeople – first increasing to five, and then to eight – it was clear that they needed a more sophisticated system of commission tracking, said Crystal Clark, Envera’s director of marketing.



Realizing that it needed an automated cloud-based system to meet its incentive compensation challenges, Splunk at first looked for a solution with limited functionality, so as not to get overwhelmed with features. But in examining Xactly Incent, it became apparent that the comprehensive incentive compensation management tool set provided by Xactly was precisely what was needed to help drive Splunk’s continued growth.



After a very short implementation, Zuora deployed Xactly Incent Express to its entire sales team, finance, and management. The Zuora team noticed benefits right away. With the power of automation, Incent Express made sales reps more aware of their commissions, while finance had a much easier time managing the company's complex incentive compensation process.

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Cox Media

With over $1 billion in annual revenue, Cox Media has played a leading role in changing the face of communications in the U.S., but as the company has grown, another type of change has taken place internally. Like many organizations, Cox managed its sales compensation programs using spreadsheets and a home-grown system, and it was becoming apparent to both finance and sales that the company had outgrown this legacy approach to managing such a key revenue driver.



Ariba was determined to have a robust Cloud-based compensation management solution in place for fiscal 2011, which started on October 1, 2010. After studying the competitive field, the company implemented the Xactly Incent on-demand compensation management solution, in conjunction with the Xactly Analytics module and Xactly Delta (Data Management Services).



Working closely with Xactly’s experts, BrightTALK was able to find the most appropriate plans and metrics to bring its sales teams in line with corporate objectives. It was keen to find a plan which would help reps to sell consistently throughout the year rather than ‘sandbagging’ deals or rushing to get all their sales out of the way at the start of the year.


Alert Logic

In 2010, Alert Logic decided to automate, and chose Xactly Express, the ideal solution for companies with fewer than 100 sales reps. Express provided Alert Logic with the required automation, visibility and management reporting, as well as the ability to integrate with existing systems such as Salesforce CRM. Express’ ability to keep pace with Alert Logic’s booming business has also spared Lesem from growing pains.

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