Rethinking Sales Motivation: Rise of the Data Driven Sales Leader

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There’s no question incentives drive sales performance. However, poorly-designed and administered sales incentives waste time and money, leading to many organizations becoming tempted to pull the plug on incentives entirely. 

Here’s the problem with that scenario: If your sales team has nothing driving their motivation, how can you expect them to hit their goals—or even perform at all?

In this 18-minute webinar, Xactly Vice President, Solutions Evangelist, Erik Charles, will discuss the current challenges institutions face, the risk of a knee-jerk response, and best practices to improve and optimize their incentive compensation planning by using data insights to: 

  • Diversify their sales team and hiring processes for higher performance 

  • Predict and reduce sales rep attrition

  • Design incentives that drive the right behaviors and eliminate the possibility of sales rep misbehavior 

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