How Xactly Uses Xactly Insights™

On-demand Webinar Replay Join us for a live webinar with Erik Charles, Vice President of Product Marketing at Xactly who has 20+ years of experience in sales compensation, as he interviews Steve Giusti, VP, Corporate Controller at Xactly and Franco Anzini, Senior Director of Sales Operations at Xactly to discuss how Xactly leveraged Xactly Insights™ to:

  • Benchmark themselves against companies in their industry who were achieving consistent growth rates
  • Understand how other companies measured their sales team
  • Redesign their compensation plans based on actual industry payment data

Xactly’s Insights™ customers report as high as a 5% increase in quota attainment vs their peers—more than just a blip in the data. During this roundtable discussion find out how Xactly used their own systems to identify opportunities for improvement, propose changes, achieve buy-in from key stakeholders across the company, and improve the way Xactly closed business.