Incent For Finance

Be Confident that Commissions are Accurate and Up to Date

  • Automated calculations ensure accuracy and efficiency, eliminating erroneous spending and reducing costs associated with administering compensation
  • Built-in audit rules combined with historical record keeping ensure compliance with federal regulations, and make it easy to find the details for any transaction

Real Time Visibility

Never struggle to track down the latest version of anything again. Incent gives you real time access to your comp plans, latest calculations, as well as all historical information. Better still, you can access sales dashboards from your mobile device.

Reduced Errors

Even the most diligent clerk makes a mistake once and again. Incent helps you avoid costly errors with automatic data entry and compensation calculation.

Built-in Compliance

Incent has built in compliance rules, ensuring that all your transactions meet federal audit requirements. Full historical record keeping, combined with automatic audit controls mean you never have to worry about things like SOX compliance again.