DNA of a World-Class Incentive Compensation Process

Strategic Planning & Design

We believe incentives drive the right behavior, thus helping companies to achieve their objectives when they are designed using empirical, up-to-date data and tested in different scenarios.

Products That Deliver Strategic Planning and Design:


Xactly Insights

Only Xactly has architected a solution that allows for the automatic aggregation of sales performance management data for comparisons. Our dataset allows us to analyze the successes and failures of thousands of compensation plans across tens of the thousands of sales reps. Xactly is already using Insights to help educate the marketplace, and we will be launching new ways for customers to test their assumptions against empirical data by industry in the future.


Xactly Objectives

Xactly Objectives provides a clear line of sight between employee performance objectives, their actions, and the company goals. Xactly Objectives extends variable pay beyond the sales team – to any employee, in any department, in any company. Through an intuitive user interface, managers input goals and values that every employee tracks throughout the week, month, quarter, or year. Employees gain visibility into how their work helps the business reach its objectives, and managers gain visibility into who is performing at peak capacity and who needs help to step up their game.


Xactly Quota

Xactly Quota enables sales operations and administrators to set up goals to be defined and display relevant information such as last year’s quota attainment, territory potential, number of named accounts, territory revenue, and more, so that sales management can make informed decisions when setting quotas or goals for their team. Global visibility enables sales management and administrators to track outstanding items and reference auditable information for where quotas have been set.


Use empirical data to ensure performance pay matches the market.

icon_configurationPlan Design

Use empirical data sources when designing incentive plans.

icon_automationGoal Alignment

Company goals align with sales teams’ plans and quotas.


Quotas are set based on scientific evidence across empirical data sources.


Consistently test all incentive plans against automated scenarios

icon_scalabilityDriving Behavior

Incentive compensation plans are triggering the desired employee behavior.


Territories are based on quantifiable and measurable factors.

Analytics, Reporting, & Communication

Increase understanding across department with reporting and analytics for sales reps, managers, and executives.

Control & Risk Management

Take control of your incentive compensation with visibility into your compensation costs and accessibility to audit trails of all incentive payments.

Strategic Planning & Design

Analyze data and understand industry benchmarks so that you can make informed planning and design decisions.

Have confidence in your compensation calculations and better understand the connection between pay and performance.