Switch for Free


The PROMOTION consists of a Switch for Free program:

Switch for Free:

Xactly will perform up to 90 days’ worth of free implementation of Xactly Incent to qualified prospective customers.

For Switch for Free, Xactly Corporation offers 3 different free implementation options ranging from 30-90 day depending on the size, and complexity of eligible prospective customer’s implementation scope.

Xactly will also provide a free workshop which will consist of virtual meetings with Xactly’s team of sales performance management experts. Workshops topics may include:

  1. Current state assessment of the processes, stakeholders and technology;
  2. Future state options and prioritization recommendations; and/or
  3. Value-based solution roadmap to the future state

Each workshop will be conducted as up to 3 separate sessions of up to 3 hours each and will be conducted via Zoom or other teleconferencing service as approved by Xactly on a case by case basis.

The PROMOTION is available to eligible, prospective, and first-time customer of Xactly Corporation (“Prospective Customer”). PROMOTION eligibility to be determined by Xactly Corporation in its sole discretion. Xactly Corporation, at its sole discretion will determine which implementation scope is the best-fit for the Prospective Customer. The Switch for Free offering is subject to work performed by Xactly Corporation’s personnel during standard hours. The Switch for Free offering may not result in a fully completed implementation depending on the scope of Prospective Customer’s needs, typical configuration, as well as the complexity of Prospective Customer’s compensation plan. Further implementation work required will be subject to Xactly Corporation’s then-current terms and conditions and rates. Switch for free is contingent on a fully executed contract governing the implementation and software on Xactly standard terms. The PROMOTION has no cash value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash value or otherwise transferred, or assigned. Xactly Corporation may modify or end the PROMOTION at any time.