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CEOs, Help Your Growing Business with a Q1 Check-In

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Congratulations, Q1 has just finished and you’re ready to release results to your stakeholders. How did you fare? As the CEO of a growing business, lots of work went into trying to achieve your goals. Now may seem like a good time to put down the heavy weights you’ve been lifting and shake out your muscles before you pick up Q2…

But not so fast.

If you want your business to gain strength, you…

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5 Tips: Get More From Data w Analytics Reports

There are some basics that you need to make sure characterizes your data—accuracy, integration, and security, for example. That’s why spreadsheets are yesterday’s garbage for incentive compensation, and automation is the future.

But is data your company’s secret sauce to creating a competitive environment where salespeople thrive and departments not only get along, but collaborate? Here are five ways we’ve seen this work:

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The Power of Analytics

In recent years, prices for raw metals and minerals have skyrocketed. Mining companies have fanned out to all corners of the globe, conferences have been convened to discuss the topic, and all the while prices continue to rise.

But did you know that right now, at this very moment, there are tens of billions of dollars worth of iron ore and other valuable metals and minerals just sitting…

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