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Countdown to CompCloud

We’re now officially six weeks out from CompCloud – the incentive compensation event of the year. As planning and coordinating are well underway on our end, it’s time for you to start getting prepped and excited for an action packed three days in San Francisco. Here’s just a few things attendees can look forward to come May 18th:

The Power of Peter

This year’s keynote speaker is none other than Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO of the XPrize Foundation….

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Four Unexpected Uses of Big Data

If you work in technology, you’d probably love to have a quarter for every time you encounter the term “big data.” The phrase has been thrown around quite liberally, and has become one of the biggest buzzwords of 2014. Like it or not, big data is here to stay, and it is changing our world and businesses in unexpected ways. From fashion to farming, the ever-increasing amount of data held by systems and organizations…

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CEOs, Help Your Growing Business with a Q1 Check-In

Congratulations, Q1 has just finished and you’re ready to release results to your stakeholders. How did you fare? As the CEO of a growing business, lots of work went into trying to achieve your goals. Now may seem like a good time to put down the heavy weights you’ve been lifting and shake out your muscles before you pick up Q2…

But not so fast.

If you want your business to gain strength, you…

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