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Farmer Ville: Cultivating your Customer Base

Deals are happening NOW-ink needs to be dry yesterday because there are leads to chase and opportunities to jump on. Hunters love to hunt, and that energy is certainly core to the selling, but a deal is never done when it’s done. Closing a deal may seem like the finish line, but it’s actually the start date for a relationship, one that needs to be cultivated and cared for in order to maximize your growth and success.

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If You Give a Rep a Comp Plan

If you give a rep a comp plan, they’re going to want a few things first – like, a quota, some territories, a whole mess of plan components and spiffs and even some goals. On top of that, you’re going to have to let them game this plan, and build it using insights from empirical benchmarking sources. Its a lot of work, so take a look at this post to see what is in store for you as you design a comp plan for your reps.

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Hunting the Hunters: Compensation for the Pack

Hunters have more impact on the ultimate outcome of a deal than almost any other member of the sales team. The success of the deal hangs on the closer’s abilities, which means they need to be rewarded for success and held accountable for missteps.

Here are some things to consider when constructing a compensation plan for your Hunters.

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