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Hunting the Hunters: Compensation for the Pack

Hunters have more impact on the ultimate outcome of a deal than almost any other member of the sales team. The success of the deal hangs on the closer’s abilities, which means they need to be rewarded for success and held accountable for missteps.

Here are some things to consider when constructing a compensation plan for your Hunters.

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3 Steps to Improve Compensation Plan Communication

You’ve designed the best compensation plans. You’ve transformed unruly plan elements into elements that will succeed time and time again. You have engaged with data-driven modeling to analyze potential payouts, and senior leadership has approved your plans. Now it’s time for your last step: Ensuring communication of the plans to sales team members, allowing you to execute your strategy to perfection.

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[Infographic] Geography – How Much Does Location Matter?

The Xactly Insights (TM) study of geographies analyzed the 2013 sales and incentive compensation data of hundreds of companies to determine what impact geographic location has on individual sales reps’ performance. We’ve broken down the continental United States into four zones and displayed the average performance data for each. The results speak for themselves. Geography matters, and our data demonstrates that.

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