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4 Reasons to Buy Versus Build your Compensation Platform

Many companies today are still using spreadsheets or homegrown systems to manage incentive compensation. We’re always surprised by how many organizations we speak with that are so ahead of the curve in the ways, in which they manage other aspects of business, yet still haven’t implemented an automated system to manage incentives. We get it – change isn’t easy; you’re used to the system you built, and if you haven’t looked into how buying a compensation solution is different, you might not know what you’re missing out on. Below are four key benefits that our customers enjoy when they make the switch from a homegrown system to our pure-play cloud application.

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Raised on Incentives: No one Likes ‘Sassy Mode’

Do you remember getting an allowance when you were growing up? Of course you do. It was your first taste of the sweet sweet freedom to buy whatever your little heart desired; candy, Lisa Frank binders, or any other childhood want that your parents wouldn’t purchase for you despite your relentless begging and OBVIOUS biological need for them. If you’re like me, your parents probably gave you a small amount of money in exchange for basic chores like cleaning your room or loading the dishwasher. But what would have happened if they didn’t follow through on the agreed upon amount- you did all the chores requested of you, but you only receive a portion of what you’d been promised?

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4 Days Out – What to Expect at CompCloud 15!

In just a few short days, CompCloud 15 will be off to a roaring start in San Francisco. Whether you’re a long time attendee back for more, or a newbie to the event experiencing your first CompCloud, we thought we’d share some of the fun things planned at this year’s event, and get you up to speed on what you can expect before you arrive at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco.

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