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3 Ways to Capitalize on the Cyber Monday Craze

Christmas is a powerful holiday, inspiring impressive consumer statistics around the kickoff of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The nation is primed to buy and chomping at the bit to finish their December purchases now. As a business that may be closing out the fiscal year soon, the time for action is now. Here are three ways that you can capitalize on the Cyber Monday craze for both your customers and your employees.

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Why Multi-Tenant On-Demand Software is Good for the Customer

I was driving to work the other day when a radio ad caused me to do a double-take. The product pitchman was pushing an HD radio service. Having just updated the televisions in my house, I know that “HD” is a term typically used to describe picture – not audio – quality. Sure enough, a quick Internet search clued me into the fact that HD radio stands for “hybrid…

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