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3 Reasons We’re Excited to See Peter Diamandis at CompCloud

We’re looking forward to hearing Peter Diamandis, author and chairman/CEO of XPrize, speak during his keynote session at CompCloud this year. Many of us have read his book Abundance: The Future Is Brighter Than You Think, and we’re fired up to hear more inspirational ideas during his session. In case you’re not familiar with him, this is why you should be as stoked as we are to hear Peter speak at CompCloud this year.

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Breaking a Sweat Bulks up Packer’s Paychecks

People hit the gym to get healthy or look good at the beach. Maybe they reward themselves with a cheat day, some new lululemon pants, or they might even be using an incentive app that pays them for logging workouts or penalizes them for missed gym time. However, the payout waiting for them is dwarfed by the incentives that Green Bay Packer’s players receive in their paychecks for hitting the weight room consistently.

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Decoded: Rosetta Stone and the Language of Compensation

The year? 196 BC. The place? Memphis, Egypt. The king? Ptolemy V. To mark the proclamation of his decree, a stone was inscribed in three languages, so that all the known world could read it henceforth. Almost 2000 years later, the stone was discovered again, and within 20 years scholars from around the world had cracked the code – the Rosetta Stone had allowed them to unlock the priceless secrets of millennia past.

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