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What Can the Oscars Teach you About Motivating Your Employees?

According to Dale Carnegie’s white paper “Building a Culture of Engagement: The Importance of Senior leadership,” 90 percent of leaders think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success, but barely 25 percent of them have a strategy. These numbers are jarring in their contradiction to one another.

Studies show companies that are doing employee engagement right enjoy employees that are 87 percent less likely to leave their company compared to disengaged…

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5 Days of Valentines: The Xactly Week of Love

Ah, can you feel it, friends? The sweet caress of twilight? There’s magic in the air – and with all this romantic atmosphere, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s Valentine’s Day next week! Yes mis amigos, we are not but one week away from the holiday of the heart, and to celebrate, we have planned the Xactly Week of Love! Xactly will be here to share the love and spread the good feelings around.

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3 Ways Incentive Planning Can Make You the Best at Gifts

It’s that time of year where if you live by the mall you need to plan in an hours padding to your commute because everyone is flocking to make the holiday deadline. In this scramble it can feel easy to cut corners with gifting and go for the cash or cards, but I’m here to tell you that with a little thought and a page from the book of incentive planning, you can nail the seasonal gifts like the jolliest of them.

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