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Raised on Incentives: No one Likes ‘Sassy Mode’

Do you remember getting an allowance when you were growing up? Of course you do. It was your first taste of the sweet sweet freedom to buy whatever your little heart desired; candy, Lisa Frank binders, or any other childhood want that your parents wouldn’t purchase for you despite your relentless begging and OBVIOUS biological need for them. If you’re like me, your parents probably gave you a small amount of money in exchange for basic chores like cleaning your room or loading the dishwasher. But what would have happened if they didn’t follow through on the agreed upon amount- you did all the chores requested of you, but you only receive a portion of what you’d been promised?

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Beat the Heat with These Summer Incentives

I’m sorry, Game of Thrones, but you’ve got it backwards; summer is coming, and with it all the warmth and energy the season. We’ve been trained since grade school that summer is a magical time, where the the days are long, the nights are longer, and adventure is around every corner. Now, in the business world, we don’t exactly get a summer break – the world doesn’t stop just because the weather is nice; but that doesn’t mean that you can simply ignore the changing times. Our internal clocks are set to summer, and smart employers will capitalize on this to both reward and inspire their workforce.

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Buy More Now – The Power of Purchase Incentives

So, this is going to sound like a trick question, but bear with me – how does buying work? Seriously, what is the typical mechanic? Well, since I’m writing this, I’ll tell you – I have something to sell, you would like that thing, you pay me an agreed upon amount of money, and then you take possession of that thing. Seems almost insultingly basic, right?

The reason I am belaboring the point of purchase is because that was the model for a lot of human history, and within the last few cycles of human ingenuity, we have been evolving that process.

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