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Sales Rep 100: How to Get Away with Sales Wins

Here at the Xactly Corp Sales School, we pride ourselves on building better sales reps. This is a place where we cut through the fluff and teach applicable strategies for sales successes. This is also about how to set yourself up for success, and show your peers and your competition the edge of a top level sales rep. So don’t hide in the back of the class – dig in for our top three winning sales rep power plays.

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Beware the Revolving Door: Know the Signs of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is costly. A study conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) estimates that direct turnover costs are 50-60% of employee salary. When you take into consideration that 20% of your sales force generates 80% of your revenue, losing a rock star sales rep can be devastating to your revenue stream. Plus, all of the associated business costs — exit costs, absence costs, recruitment costs, and onboarding costs —…

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Instant gratification that won’t ruin your NY diet—Incentive compensation

You’ve sworn off cake and candy, and anything with carbs. You’ve sworn high and low that you’ll get to the gym more each week. You haven’t seen any changes yet, but you know they’ll come… right? There’s a way that you can see instant change without the delay or the pain.

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