Hidden Risk, Hidden Opportunity: How GAAP Compliance Can Help Uncover Your True ROI

With ASC 606 approaching, many organizations are preparing in order to comply with  the new requirements under ‘subtopic 340-40,’ more commonly known as the cost of obtaining a contract. By meeting the standard, your organization is doing more than just meeting GAAP compliance. You are uncovering the true ROI of your customer and unlocking the door to hidden potential.

Join us and register for part two of this series on revenue recognition with Erik Charles, VP of product marketing, at Xactly. 

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?
  • FASB’s revenue recognition rules
  • The impact to incentive plan design, plan calculations and reporting
  • How the tactical need for better data can lead to strategic insights
  • Learn how this exercise in GAAP compliance and disaggregating data can benefit you in the long run. 

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    Webinar Speakers
    Erik Charles
    VP of Product Marketing
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