[View Recording] New Research Findings: Sales Territory Design

If you’re like most organizations, sales planning season is right around the corner. Territory design represents the heart of sales planning. Without effective sales territories, you can’t accurately allocate quotas. Inaccurate quota allocation, in turn, affects your sales productivity, rep retention and revenue attainment.

New research shows that modern and automated territory planning tools increase the effectiveness of sales territories – improving your team’s overall performance and success.

Territory design is critical for business success and is the foundation for sales performance management (SPM). Yet, according to a recent survey conducted by Xactly and the Sales Management Association:

  • Just 36 percent of companies consider themselves effective at territory design!

However, the survey also found:

  • Companies using automated technology for territory design outperform the laggards up to 20 percent!

In this webinar, Kaitlin Fantasia, Xactly solutions consultant and territory planning software expert, will discuss the findings from this latest research and share best practices to jump start your territory planning for 2019.


What You'll Get From Our Webinar?
  • Benchmark against industry averages uncovered by new research
  • Understand the effect optimized territory design has on team performance
  • Learn best practices to design effective sales territories
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how your organization can increase sales achievement by using technology for territory design.

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